Albania… the coles notes

Aaaand…. we’re back! Our time away was full- both in activity and emotion. There is and was so much to blog about, but we were so busy being there that we didn’t have a lot of time to write about it. That, and some patchy internet connections.

Our children travelled for the most part like absolute champions. They ate anything offered, they were great on planes, and they made us very, very popular. If you have any desire to intersect with the lives of others anywhere, take your children. A grin from Noah or a clever quip from Levi instantly opened up doors Meghann and I couldn’t with 15 minutes of conversation.

Our time with Dawn in Durres was amazing and inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. We met individually with each of the women working with her in their homes and we were able to hear their stories and the impact of the work that they are doing on their lives. Several times since I have tried to sit and write their stories and each time I’ve ended up crying and talking with God. Now that a bit of time has passed our intention is to bring their stories to you. We’ll write them one at a time because each one is worthy of its own attention. Watch this space because we will attempt to bring them to you soon.

Our time with the team in Sauk was also amazing. We helped run an art/Bible camp for children, a music/art camp for teens, spent time with the teenagers, prayed for the city, spent time with our hosts Klement and Xhevi, had an Albanian potluck, did traditional Albanian dances, ate lots and lots of delicious food, and generally looked for ways to support the ministry and be a blessing there.

Obviously there is MUCH more to tell, but we’ll spill our guts over time through this blog. Let this be a whetting of the appetite for what is to come.

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